Aspire Capital Holding for Financial Investments is a leading fully-fledged financial services provider operating in Egypt, offering a broad range of financial services across investment banking, securities brokerage, investment management and financing to a wide and diversified client base that includes international and local corporations, institutions, and individuals.





The story began with the establishment of Pioneers Securities in 1997, one of the top brokerage firms in the Egyptian market and known to be the Egyptian retail investors’ preferred brokerage partner through the years, with unmatched experience and support through several branches in Egypt.

The whole group witnessed a rapid growth and success over the years, and since the initial public offering of Pioneers Holding Company (PHC) in June 2008, the group managed to grow its investment portfolio Net Asset Value (NAV) from EGP 800 Mn to EGP 28.4 Bn, consistently creating growth and reinforcing our role as one of Egypt’s leading investment firms.

The company succeeded to maintain its leading position among financial institutions in Egypt, as well as consistently creating value and delivering exceptional returns to shareholders through prioritizing clients’ interests and competent leadership.


PHC announced the strategic transformation plan to the public in October 2019 that was aimed at maximizing value of the overall regulated investments and efforts – this strategy was built on three main pillars: focus, consolidation and expansion. The plan was to give each investment subsidiary an independent foundation.

In October 2021, the structure of PHC took its new shape to achieve these objectives more effectively in synergy. A horizontal de-merger was applied, whereby PHC (de-merging company) remained as the existing company and post the demerger, the company’s name has been changed to Aspire Capital Holding for Financial Investments (Aspire Capital Holding) <ASPI.CA>.

As a result of this horizontal de-merger, two new companies were established in addition to the existing company, namely Pioneers Properties for Urban Development <PRDC.CA> that consolidated all the real estate & contracting investments we had in the portfolio, and Gadwa for Industrial Development <GDWA.CA> that consolidated our industrial investments.