Corporate governance


Our code of conduct has been designed to maintain the highest level of ethical standards, support our values & purpose, and comply with internal and external laws and regulations.



1. Ethics

Our firm strives to lead with example, ensuring we as an institution abide by the laws and regulations sets an exemplary standard to our employees. We strive and ensure our community adopts our ethical standards as their guide to develop an honest, ethical, and winning mindset.

Setting our clients as our top priority we do not tolerate any breach of the Laws and Regulations, Code of Conduct and Ethics, nor our Core Values. We value our client’s trust in our mission and use it as a constant reminder to achieve exceptional results.



2. Compliance

Compliance with internal and external regulations is an integral part of our day-to-day business. Rigorous process is in place to make sure the FRA regulations are timely adopted. Adquate controls are designed to prevent/timely detect defeciencies.